Is 360 Security Legit?

Is 360 Security Legit?

If you’re surfing M&A deals software the internet or downloading files, 360 security will be present to make sure nothing malicious is lurking. It will block access to suspicious sites, scan the history of your browser, track the amount of data you’re using and even track down the phone you’ve lost.

The suite comes with firewalls and a shredder for data as well as tools for cleaning your system on a regular basis. It will update drivers automatically, has anti-tracking functions and even gives you access to tech support with a single click.

While there are many options and settings however, the interface of the program is simple to navigate and comprehend. Most of the functions are controlled by a large switch or button, or checkmark. This is excellent from an ergonomics standpoint. The program is available on both Windows and Mac and is free to use (ad-supported).

The antivirus does an excellent job of protecting your PC from malware. Its real-time detection is able to detect more than 95% of threats and didn’t cause any false positives in my testing. However, it doesn’t have the same level of protection as leading products in terms of heuristics and scanning files.

360 Total Security offers a variety of security and maintenance options which include the VPN that is only available in the premium version. Its heuristic engine can detect malware by examining a program’s behavior, which is quite helpful particularly if the threat is new and doesn’t have a signature yet. The program also comes with an “cleanup” utility as well as other tools to tune-up that can aid in improving the performance of your PC.