Board Meeting Procedures – How to Conduct a Successful Meeting

Board Meeting Procedures – How to Conduct a Successful Meeting

Board meetings, regardless of whether they are held in person or via videoconference, should be focused on setting up actions and making decisions. This can be accomplished by following these simple rules for meeting on the board.

Before any official business is discussed, it’s crucial to ensure that there’s a quorum. This is usually outlined in the entity’s bylaws and requires a roll call to ensure there are enough participants to hold a vote.

The chair can then inquire whether there are any corrections or additions that members would like to make to the minutes of the previous meeting. If not, they can be approved as written.

After all the old business is settled and settled, new business can begin. The board should go through the agenda item-by-item giving time for discussion and voting. The most important topics should be discussed at the beginning of a meeting. This is due to the fact that analysis and discussion of these topics occurred in previous meetings, board calls, or one-on-one with the individual directors.

It’s important that you set clear guidelines for speaking time to keep the meeting moving. Directors, for instance should only speak after the speaker in front of them has finished. In addition it is not appropriate to interrupt another speaker regardless of the importance of their topic. Consider deferring a topic to the next meeting or scheduling an interlude. This will allow you to complete it in a shorter period of time.