Best Litecoin wallets to store LTC

Best Litecoin wallets to store LTC


The main difference is that some desktop wallets have more advanced functionality like the ability to operate a complete node or full crypto exchange integration. Nowadays, Litecoin wallet apps are so user-friendly, anyone can figure it out. To deposit or withdraw Litecoin using your wallet, just open up your app and find Litecoin in the wallet section. You should then see buttons to deposit or withdraw Litecoin. If you want to deposit, a deposit address will be provided. Just copy and paste that address so the person sending your Litecoin can do so.

The feature that makes this wallet worth using is its free availability. The company does not charge any fees for using this desktop wallet. The users have to pay the transactions fees only while using this wallet.

Do I need a Litecoin Wallet to Buy or Trade LTC?

FX Empire the most reliable Litecoin hot and hardware wallets in the market. Below is a list of the top wallets that offer Litecoin storing.Just choose your desired wallet type, and get a list of the suitable Litecoin wallets for your needs. All you need to do now is choose your preferred wallet from the list below. Ledger Nano X offers Bluetooth connectivity to its users, making it a great solution for people who want to manage their cryptocurrency on the go.

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The downside is that it has limited compatibility to other software and when it’s not connected to any device. Below are the list of best Litecoin wallets you should be using. The Infinity Wallet is like nothing you have ever used before. With it’s ease to use simplicity, feature rich, crisp graphics and down to it’s butter-smooth performance. It truly is the only digital asset wallet you will ever need. View the value of your coins in your chosen fiat currency, or use it to select the amount you want to exchange.

Why is Litecoin (LTC) so appealing?

That’s why I’ve written this post content to assist you in the quest to choose the best Litecoin wallets for easy of access and good security level. It is also considered one of the safest digital cryptocurrency to invest in among its other peers. This is why many cryptocurrency investors are beginning to store more of LTC lately. Your private keys and data are strongly encrypted on your device for maximum security. The Infinity Wallet offers a wide range of features and advantages over other platforms, all within the ultimate application.

  • The wallet is maintained by the Litecoin Association which is a passionate group of volunteers who want to promote LTC coins.
  • Most importantly, I like that Exodus’s ease of use isn’t compromised by a lack of security.
  • The ultimate application to manage, track and exchange all your digital assets within one wallet.

It takes a lot of regulatory oversight for a crypto wallet to accept fiat, though, so there aren’t many of these options. The wallet provides a free and user-friendly app that you can download and install on your iOS or Android devices. It has a simple and comprehensive design that is well-suited for beginners and provides a handful of advanced tools for professional traders. Among these features is the Multi wallet function, Defi earn that allows staking and earning rewards, and the access to examine several Defi protocols. The Money wallet is backed by one of the most reputable and secure brokerage platforms, eToro which is regulated by four top-tier financial institutions. This is a good point to believe that the Money wallet is reliable and exceptional as any drawback of this wallet would affect the reputation of eToro broker.


Some LTC wallets focus on security while some are easy to use but compromise security. Some wallets allow you to check your transaction history instantly. On the other hand, some wallets need to be connected to their respective portals/sites in order to check the history or manage funds. Litecoin is a decentralized currency used globally and permits users all over the world to make payments in an instant and immediate manner.

Therefore, people always prefer to buy the wallet that offers support for various cryptocurrencies. Ledger Nano S is a prominent wallet in this regard because it also offers support for about 30 cryptocurrencies. This makes it easy for the users to exchange and buy the new cryptocurrencies. The manufacturer of this hardware wallet also plans to add support for more cryptocurrencies over the time. Freewallet provides top-notch security features and encrypts your private keys to improve the protection of your cryptocurrency assets. Your LTC is in a safe place and even if you lose your mobile phone, you can always regain access to your wallet from your Mac, PC.

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This will show you your Litecoin balance, as well as your Litecoin address, to which you or others can send more Litecoin. In general, Litecoin wallets that are not connected to the internet are the safest, because these can’t be hacked by internet fraudsters. 68% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. Double check it when pasting into the wallet recipient address field. Send the Litecoin withdrawal transaction via the exchange using the address you copied in step 2. Grab your public/receiving address from the Litecoin wallet.

Do I need a Hardware wallet for Litecoin?

A great best ltc wallet wallet provides a high level of security, a user-friendly interface, and the ability to buy Litecoin directly within the app. Users should also be able to seamlessly send and receive Litecoin regardless of their level of expertise. Trust Wallet stands out in this category because of the way it allows users to securely store, send, and receive over 4.5 million digital currencies and tokens on the go. While Litewallet is 5 years old, ships to 170 countries and supports 17 languages, we are a volunteer team with very modest resources shipping a free app.

  • However, more choices will be available for each type of user as the technology matures.
  • We also run regular security audits to ensure our walls are strong and impenetrable.
  • All in one place, you can buy cryptocurrency with a debit card and trade with other users.
  • Cryptocurrencies like Litecoin can be safely stored in ‘cold storage’ wallet options, like hardware and paper wallets.
  • The wallet is the same for both operating systems and has been optimized to fit an array of mobile screen sizes.

On the Exchange page, select the accounts that you want to swap. Litecoin has inspired many other popular alternative currencies (eg. Dogecoin) because of its Scrypt hashing algorithm in order to prevent ASIC miners from mining those coins. Enjoy the desktop Litecoin wallet on OSX, Windows, Ubuntu and other Linux based OS. Check your Litecoin balance and up-to-date exchange best ltc wallet rates in fiat currencies. Online Litecoin Wallet to buy, store and manage your LTC for iOS and Android. If you send Litecoin to an Ethereum address (or any other non-Litecoin address), you’ll probably lose your Litecoin forever.