Types of Website Structures: A Brief Guide

Types of Website Structures: A Brief Guide

Pillar pages are high-level pieces of content that provide broad information about a core topic. Throughout pillar pages are internal links to comprehensive articles on the subtopics related to that core topic. As discussed below, functional, product-based, market-based and geographical organizational structures are vertical structures. Employees want to understand their job responsibilities, whom they report to, what decisions they can and should make and how they interact with other people and teams within the company.

They have many things to consider in pursuing this goal, especially designing a website for a particular or high-paying client. Explore Insiders is a leading business and technology blog you will explore the latest real business, tech, marketing, health guide and news, and much more. Here you will explore all the latest business, tech, marketing, health guide and news, and much more.


Contextual – relates to specific content, like document, page, video-audio object, or related products. For example, in our blog, we place links to our previous materials instead of explaining everything in detail so that you can explore it only if you are interested. Every website or app needs a solid navigation system that helps users find what they need.

  • The correct label gives users proper conceptualization of the category they are dealing with.
  • However, having multiple topic clusters strengthens your internal linking profile and establishes your topical authority in the eyes of Google crawlers.
  • In the context of a blog post, contextual links can be used to point users to other blog posts that have similar content.
  • And while this model does hold staff more accountable for their work, it can become a hindrance to the creativity and agility the organization needs to keep up with random changes in its market.
  • By developing a comprehensive internal link structure, we can help users navigate our site, direct our visitors to other helpful content, and improve our SEO.
  • Design better products with States, Variables, Auto Layout and more.

This structure might also make staff feel like the managers they do have are more like equals or team members rather than intimidating superiors. An advantage of a matrix structure is that it promotes collaboration and communication. This open line of communication ultimately allows businesses to share resources and allows employees to develop new skills from working with different departments.


In this paper, Web page recommendation method is presented by constructing User Session Graph using user sessions from the navigation log. The node represents web pages and weight on the edge is calculated by the number of times the web pages present in the sessions. New page problem is solved by computing co-occurrence value between two terms present in titles. Web pages are recommended based on connected nodes in the graph and co-occurred terms. Good website structure improves search engine optimization, allowing to crawl and index a website more effectively, making it easier for users to find the site with search queries.

Web portals are frequently established for a company’s, organization’s, school’s, or company’s internal use. Websites usually require a login and provide a customized experience depending on the user’s preferences. A subscription website would be the ultimate form of website you may make. You get a barrier for visitors to access with just this website category.

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Thus, the deep architecture is not recommended because the values for the indexing of your site will be pretty poor. The flat architecture allows you to reach the deep content of a website with no more than one or two clicks. Mind mapping is a strategic approach consisting of connections between different product pages with an overview of their features. There are two main ways of mapping a website structure, mind mapping and site mapping.

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Therefore, the people who opt for this type of website structure have a lot of information to offer and choose to show users from the most generic to the most specific. Most web sites adopt some form of multi tiered hierarchical or tree architecture. To create such a website structure, designers should consider page metadata, adhere to strong information architectures and classification best practices, and consider a bottom-up approach.

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Still, their location is vital to have clarity in web navigation. There are specific differences between website structure and navigation that are worth clarifying. Use it in an application or on a type of website structure to visually illustrate the entities of web pages and keep track of the content’s logical structure.

website structure types

This practice can help you avoid costly mistakes like having to rebuild your product. Here, such methods as usability testing and first click testing are applied. You can test both initial prototypes and clickable prototypes to detect possible navigation or layout problems. As a result, you might need to go https://globalcloudteam.com/ for a minimalist design style to let the actions speak for themselves while promoting a positive user experience. Designers suggest adaptive site design that you can use for your e-commerce or business website. As the name implies, CSS queries change the size of a web page depending on the settings page.

What is the best organizational structure?

Has 19 nav links in its horizontal navigation menu at the top of the page. Its footer menu has over 50 links, and most of them belong to one of the categories listed in the primary navigation menu. While this does offer easy access to important subpages, it can get overwhelming — so use your discretion. UX designers Ashutosh Kanade and Nimay Ingale suggested how to plan a website structure making some changes to the information hierarchy of IMDB’s website to improve navigation. According to customer research, the main reason why users visit this resource is that they want to know a movie rating and short info about it before watching. So, the Rating and Movie Info sections should sit on the highest level of the information hierarchy.